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Urban Forest Conservation Assessment Top 100 parcels

FNHA produced DVD “Green Infrastructure in Our Communities”  Now available on YouTube

Frank & Sara Sharp Conservation Easement

Urban Forest Conservation Assessment report


REPORT:  Green Infrastructure Planning Linking Arkansas Communities


Appendix 1. Project Brief

Appendix 2. Stakeholder Invitation

Appendix 3. Stakeholder Meeting Slide Presentation

Appendix 4. Stakeholder Participation, Interest and Contact sheet

Appendix 5. Design Team Meeting Invitation

Appendix 6. Draft Agenda for Design Team Meeting

Appendix 7. Green Infrastructure Planning: The Principles Slide Presentation

Appendix 8. Green Infrastructure Planning: Project Organization-Top to Bottom Slide Presentation

Appendix 9. Design Team Member Informational Packet

Appendix 10.Working Group Definitions Assignments Food for Thought Questions

Appendix 11. Calendar for 2009 designed by Awareness Working Group

Appendix 12. Changing Roles Workshop

Appendix 13. The Importance of Greenspace in Greenland Slide Presentation

Appendix 14. Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council Land Use and Green Infrastructure Committee (FFEAC LUGI)

Appendix 15a. Detailed GIS

Appendix 15b. Model Logic Diagram

Appendix 16a. Environmental Working Group GIS Finish Slide Presentation

Appendix 16b Heritage Working Group GIS finish Slide Presentation

Appendix 17. A Survey of Fayetteville Registered Voters on Conservation Issues

Appendix 18. Meeting Minutes


Environmental Working Group Report

Environmental Working Group Map

Heritage Working Group Report

Heritage Working Group Map

Parks and Trails Working Group Report

Parks and Trails Working Group Map

Land Use Working Group Report

Water Issues in Arkansas – Winrock Foundation Report Summary

Water Issues in Arkansas – Winrock Foundation Summary Companion Report

Go Native When You Go Green – Consider Replanting Northwest Arkansas with Native Trees and Shrubs – Article and List of Native/Non-Native plants by Bruce Shackleford, President ECO, Inc.

Scull Creek Fact Sheet

Rapid Terrestrial Ecological Assessment of Kessler Mountain Reserve  T. Witsell, ANHC (February, 2015)

 Kessler Mountain Plant List by Family  T. Witsell, ANHC   (February, 2015)

 Kessler Mountain Plant List Alphabetically   T. Witsell, ANHC  (February, 2015)