…….and our answers:

  1. Where/when is packet pickup? We do not have packet pickup.  Instead, there will be a check-in table near the starting line the morning of the event, and you will record your own run time at the finish line. You’ll get your swanky pint glass and t-shirt (if you ordered one) at the after-party.
  2. Wait, so you don’t time us? We go old school on this one. This is a self-timed run. It is up to you to track and record your finish time on the entry sheet provided at the finish line.  You can use whatever method you prefer to track your time but you MUST check out at the finish line so we know you’re off the mountain.
  3. I registered, but I can’t make it… can I get a refund? No. This run raises funds for a non-profit organization and is organized entirely by volunteers.  Food, pint glasses, aid station supplies, etc. etc. all cost cash and everything takes time. We understand life happens, but please do not ask for a refund as we don’t have the capacity to offer one.
  4. I can’t make it, but my brother, friend, mother, etc. wants to run in my place – can I transfer my registration to someone else? Yes, you can do this.  If you are unable to make the run someone else can run in your place – just let us know by email at least one week before race day.
  5. Can I change races?  I registered for the XX but want to run the X. Yes.  You can change races – notify us at check-in or before if you plan to switch distances.
  6. I can’t run the whole thing – can I walk/run or walk? Yes.  Trail support will end at 12:30pm, though, so if you think you will take longer than 3 ½ hours to finish, we recommend starting early. We’ll have the check-in table set up at 8am for anyone who needs to start early. Please only start early if you really need to – the after-party does not begin until 10:30am and we’d hate for you to be standing around waiting for us at the end of the run.
  7. My boyfriend, mother, brother, cousin, etc. wants to cheer me on – can they come to the after-party? The more the merrier! But they’ll need to purchase a ticket.  This run is known for it’s great after-party and it’s not one to be missed! We offer a $10 after-party ticket only option on the registration page.  The after-party only ticket includes food, drinks, and entertainment.
  8. Where do I park and do you provide a shuttle? You have two options – use our shuttle service or self-shuttle. To use our shuttle service, head over to Kessler Mountain Regional Park and park in the first paved lot on the right after you turn onto Judge Cummings Road (WC 200). We will have volunteers driving two 7-passenger vans from the Smokehouse back to the park during the after party. They will be set to leave the Smokehouse every 15 minutes starting at 10:30 a.m. To self-shuttle, park at the Smokehouse (1725 Smokehouse Trail) in the designated parking area (look for our volunteers and please let them direct you) beginning at 7:30 a.m. and have a friend take you over to the starting line at Kessler Mountain Regional Park.

Other questions?  Email us: kesslertrailrun (at) gmail.com