Conservation Tools & Techniques

Old-College-Ave-no caption web-ready

College Avenue, Fayetteville, 1907, Courtesy Shiloh Museum of Ozark History: Washington County Historical Society, Grabill Photography

College Ave looking north to Township, 2007

College Ave. looking north to Township, 2007


Land Use Planning – Community’s Vision

  • 2025 Plan calls for assembling an Enduring Green Network
  • Fayetteville City Council has adopted a Land Use Plan that includes a “Green Belt”
  • Washington County Zoning Ordinance adopted City Land Use Plan for City Planning Area
  • Zoning (Agriculture, Lot Size, Overlay Districts, etc.)

Development Regs and Ordinances – Managing Today’s Growth

  • Tree (canopy) Ordinances
  • Park Land Dedication Ordinance
  • Planned Zoning Districts
  • Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) – Not in place. Implementation requires state legislation

Land Acquisition – Pursuing the Vision

  • Fee Simple (by purchase, donation, ordinance or combination of all 3). Parcel purchase provides the most control over land use, but is usually the most expensive option
  • Easements (by purchase, donation or combination; need to add TDR) are the purchase of development rights, provide limits to land use and can be expensive
  • Need to secure a source of sustainable local conservation funding – Still considering options